Research Essay on Depression

In America alone, it is estimated that over 19 million people suffer from acute or chronic depression. These figures are disconcerting and call for more attention to be paid to this condition, especially the factors that cause it and suggestion on how it can be prevented.

Depression differs from feeling sad or being in a low mood because the latter is for a short time while the former lingers on for a significantly longer period of time. A major depressive disorder is generally defined as having an episode of sadness followed by other symptoms for a period of not less than a fortnight, and in such a way that it disrupts one’s day-to-day activities. Some people think that depression results from a bad personality or is a sign of weakness; however, that is not true. It is actually a major public health problem that is treatable.

There are several factors that generally characterize depression. These include feelings of guilt, helplessness, worthlessness, and hopelessness. When one is depressed, he or she loses interest in pleasurable activities or activities that they usually do. These include work and even sex. Depressed individuals find concentrating difficult and often have poor memory. Insomnia and sometimes oversleeping are symptoms of depression. People who are depressed also suffer from appetite changes which, in turn, may result in weight gain or weight loss. Individuals suffering from depression often experience fatigue and lack of energy, and sometimes even suicidal thoughts. In advanced stages, depression can cause one to have slow speech and to move slowly.

Treatments for depression include taking medication such as antidepressants. Antidepressants basically function by working on neurotransmitters, a type of brain cell, such as dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin. Basically, these are the brain cells that are responsible for regulating one’s mood; the medication acts on them to lift one’s mood. The other category of medicines commonly given to depressed individuals includes tricyclics.

They are powerful antidepressants that are currently not being used because of their powerful and serious side effects. This particular medication has been known to affect people with heart conditions and has been also been connected to weight gain, dry mouths, and dizziness. Monoamine oxidase inhibitors are another type of medication that is used to treat depression and is, in fact, the oldest known type of antidepressants. It is very effective when used to treat atypical depression such as when the patient experiences an increased appetite, the need to sleep more, and feelings of anxiety. Patients being treated with monoamine oxidase inhibitors must, however, avoid certain beverages and foods that contain Tyra mine. Wine is an example of one such beverage. Certain medications such as birth control pills and cold and allergy medications should also be avoided.

Research essay writing tips:
To help the reader to fully concentrate on this research paper, it is a good idea to begin the essay with an interesting fact or statistic such as the number of people who are affected by depression. Afterwards, one should provide a definition of depression and a list of its symptoms so the reader can better understand what is really meant by depression. When explaining the symptoms, one might also explain the characteristics that are exhibited by a depressed individual. It would also be helpful to explain the available treatment options, as well.

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