Topic for Research Paper

The world of academic research has always intrigued me. Since enrolling in college, I have spent many hours perusing through published research in academic and peer-reviewed journals. Such an experience has not only served to enhance my intellectual ability, but also provided invaluable tips on investigating social, political, and educational phenomena. Having been acquainted with vast knowledge on research methods and the art of conducting investigations in the various social and political domains, I now feel confident enough to carry out my own research.

One of the areas that I have considered for research pertains to how governments operate. Specifically, I have been considering doing a research on the role of the infamous WikiLeaks in enhancing government transparency. The available literature tends to depict WikiLeaks as the guardian of public interest. A study on the same would entail examining in detail how undesirable practices such as corruption can be minimized by intensifying anonymous internet-based investigations. After careful thought, however, I decided to address the importance of music education in early education. Continue reading Topic for Research Paper

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