Speech Essay Sample

Public speaking involves factors of effective communication. A good public speaker should ensure that he communicates to deliver the message with utmost clarity. His message should adhere to summary for the sake of interest and captivating an audience. It is necessary that the audience gives him full attention so as to gain the most out of his speech. His/her role is therefore to enhance their attention by captivating them with a good introduction, flow of points and a confident presentation. I attended a national institute of research where various speakers presented their points.

Listening to them, I was captivated by their sense of confidence and certainty in what they were addressing. Most of them had an organized manner of presentation, they used slides. They are useful in helping the audience follow closely and clarify what the speaker says. The speaker used short and very precise sentences to put her point across. She had also, done her research exclusively on the topic she had been provided. Her introduction began with salutation and acknowledging the presence of various members of the national institute of nursing research. Her speech is characterized by clarity and thus eloquence. Continue reading Speech Essay Sample

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