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Public speaking involves factors of effective communication. A good public speaker should ensure that he communicates to deliver the message with utmost clarity. His message should adhere to summary for the sake of interest and captivating an audience. It is necessary that the audience gives him full attention so as to gain the most out of his speech. His/her role is therefore to enhance their attention by captivating them with a good introduction, flow of points and a confident presentation. I attended a national institute of research where various speakers presented their points.

Listening to them, I was captivated by their sense of confidence and certainty in what they were addressing. Most of them had an organized manner of presentation, they used slides. They are useful in helping the audience follow closely and clarify what the speaker says. The speaker used short and very precise sentences to put her point across. She had also, done her research exclusively on the topic she had been provided. Her introduction began with salutation and acknowledging the presence of various members of the national institute of nursing research. Her speech is characterized by clarity and thus eloquence.

The speaker presents a research and conclusions concerning end of life decision making and pediatric oncology. The topic is relevant to the institution since it insists on the importance of such decisions and acknowledgement of chronic conditions among children. Since the conference involves most nurses and scientists, it presents the idea of practicing what they learn in their places of work. The speaker’s ability to address a topic she is a part of as a nurse and researcher provides the audience with reliable source to believe in. the goal of the speech is therefore to reach out to the nursing population and parents of families with information on making decisions of end of life. It helps parents to acknowledge that such children could die any time and therefore prepare for their death by providing them with the best care possible.

The speaker presents her work in points that she further expounds during her presentation. This improves on the reception of her presentation by the audience who can follow up what she says step by step. The speaker is also able to transit smoothly over points as she moves to the next idea. Her presentation follows ta aid of body movements and eye contact. Her confident is evident in the way she looks at her audience when explaining her points. She thus provides assurance to her audience. In her presentation, she raises her tone slowly to insist on certain points that are especially relevant to parents of the ailing child. She also intonates her entire speech to give it a sense of seriousness and empathy while making the parents of children with cancer realize that it is not the end of the world to lose a child. The speech also reflects on the topic by providing specific examples of situations where the speaker’s own institutions were involved in end life decision making. Her speech follows closure when she concludes with solutions to the problem of end life decision making. Her presentation capacity persists with ease through the entire process. Her speech covers the most important points in a summarized manner within the time allocated. Her speech presentation skills are excellent.

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