Napoleon: A Great Leader Essay

Free sample essay on Napoleon as a great leader:
Napoleon was a big man. He had a big impact on history. People believed he was a tyrant and ruled with it and other people thought he was a good ruler. If he wouldn have an impact I think on history I think he will not be talked about how he is talked about today. He wanted his dream to come true and it did his dream was to be remembered and he did get remembered because of the impact that he had on France and all of Europe. Because of that he is talked about today.

Napoleon became the emperor of France because he had a lot of power he could be a guy that is short but he is powerful. When he rose to power he built an empire that took over most of Europe. So he started out with most of France on his side. There were changes in the French revolution, which got Napoleon to rides to power even faster. Because of that he was called the son of the revolution. Back then to be a king you would be chosen for your gifts and talents but before that to be a king you would have to be in a powerful family. Continue reading Napoleon: A Great Leader Essay

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