How to Write a Speech

Every once in a while, we will be required to make a speech. This could be in class, during certain events in our normal course of life, or even at work. Therefore, it is important that we are all equipped with the basic skills of how to write a good speech and how to present it as well.

When writing a speech, there are key things of which one must take note. Firstly, there is the topic of the speech, and its intended message. Secondly, is the type of audience. The target audience has a great influence on the tone of the speech, words used, and even the length of the speech. For instance, one cannot use the same tone when speaking to a board of directors as would be used when speaking to a class of students. Further, it would not make sense to speak to seven year old about a development project in the community.

With the background information researched, the next step is to prepare an outline for your speech. An outline helps you to put all of your ideas together, and plan how to arrange them so the speech may flow smoothly. The outline should be arranged in three sections: the introduction, main body, and the concluding portion of the speech.

When writing a speech, begin with the most important idea. Explain or discuss the idea in a way that the audience will easily understand and be able to follow. When doing this, one needs to put themselves in the position of the audience. This means that a speech is written from the target audience’s point of view. It is the surest way of connecting with the audience, which is a key element of speech writing. Again, make sure that you explain your ideas well, so that your audience will not get confused along the way.

As you build on your key idea, make sure that the supporting ideas that follow are sequential. This means that all ideas in the speech should flow in a systematic way, so that the audience does not get confused during the speech. If it helps, you can always read aloud what you have written to assess the flow of ideas. As you do this, check if the tone and structure of your speech are appropriate for your target audience.

Once the body of your speech is finalized, write a good introduction that will catch the attention of your audience. This is where you create a good rapport with your audience. As for the conclusion, make it catchy and interesting, as this is what will determine if your speech was successful or not. In other words, leave your audience with something that they will always remember.

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