How to Write a Critical Essay

The main idea of a critical essay is to analyze somebody’s work, being as objective as possible. The object of a critical essay is usually a work related to the arts, most often a literary work. It should be informative and not involve your own feelings towards a person, or their writing, because the main rule in critical essay writing, if you want to get a good mark for it, is to stay impartial about the object of your criticism.

Depending on the complexity of your critical essay, the introduction should contain a few lines to present the topic (state the name of the work and its author), or you can expand it to include brief information on the topic’s background. It is also good to state your position concerning the work, and briefly outline what you are going to include, in the main body.

The main body is dedicated to supporting your position with arguments. Make sure that all the facts you use, in your essay, correspond with reality, and don’t forget to check your writing for any type of errors, since that will spoil the general impression of your writing. Remember that this type of task is to show how well you can analyze, and if you can be objective in evaluating, another person’s ideas. Add and compare the thoughts of experts to your own opinion. If you use quotes, then don’t forget to format them properly. Be consistent in presenting your arguments; use statistical information and examples. Try not to fixate your attention only on one point. Everything about the work is important, whether it’s style or organization. Conclude your critical essay summarizing the major points you’ve made. Restate the topic of your essay and reiterate what work you were analyzing.

Read your essay carefully a few times. First of all, it is to ensure that your work is well organized. Secondly, but no less important, your criticism should be constructive. Make sure that your position is clear, and that you have followed it throughout the essay.

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