Sample Essay on Abortion

The issue of abortion is a very tender subject here in the United States: some consider it murder and others claim it is only for the best. According to M. LeRoy Sprang and Mark G. Neerhof abortion after the twenty weeks of gestation is and will always be murder. However, David A. Grimes protests that abortions late in pregnancy are for the better welfare of the mother and child, if the circumstances comply. Thus there are a variety of views on the issue of abortion.

To begin with, M. LeRoy Sprang and Mark G. Neerhof claim the abortion of a baby after the twenty week gestation period is not only dangerous for the fetus but also for the mother. Through a recent census it has been proven that that D&X is neither safest nor necessary for late abortions. In fact this census caused the D&X procedure to be ban in 28 states and Congress agreed to consider the ban. Though many clinicians would argue that maintaining the option of abortion could save the life of a mother; however, this is very rare. According to Sprang and Neerhof maternal health factors demanding pregnancy termination in the periviable period can almost always be accommodated without the sacrifice of the fetus. They also claim that after a certain gestation period that fetus begins to form into personhood, thus gaining rights. By killing this child who has rights it is equivalent to killing your next-door neighbor. Therefore, one can see that Sprang and Neerhof have objections to the late abortion of a fetus.

Secondly, David A. Grimes declares that the D&E form of abortion is preferable to induction on the terms of compassion, cost, comfort, and convenience. Negative reactions can occur in the second trimester when the baby is induced because the women will come in contact with the fetus and cause emotional disturbance. Which is why they claim D&E is the better form of abortion. Grimes also states that most women who obtain abortions have some form of disadvantage, most of the time they are a minority or a teenager. With these characteristics there are some factors that could delay their knowledge about being pregnant, thus they have late abortions. Some of them just ponder the thought of abortion and then finally make it up after their twenty-week gestation period. Finally he states that if late abortion were banned then women would seek illegal abortion, adoption, and rear the child initially unwanted. Thus the unwanted children would end up being the ones that suffer. Thus one can see Grimes’ opposing point.

Finally, I would have to agree with Sprang and Neerhof: the abortion of a baby after the twenty-week gestation period is murder. By this point the fetus has begun to develop personality and character, although it is non evident. I feel that if the mother did not want the child then she should have had the abortion sooner. With all of the medical research and devices that we have now the mother and the child would be fine at birth. If there was something wrong with the mother or child there are always ways to work around the problem. No matter what the circumstance the fetus should be taken into account when deciding to have an abortion. Thus, I feel that any abortion after the twenty-week gestation period is manslaughter no matter how they put it.

In conclusion, one can see that the issue of abortion holds many opinions and can be a very touchy subject. Like Sprang and Neerhof I would say that the late pregnancy abortions should be banned; however, people like Grimes do have the right to be heard as well. Thus it is evident that some people agree with late pregnancy abortion and others feel it should strongly be banned.

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