How to Write a High School Research Paper

Research papers involve a lot of time and require great deal of precision to write. When you write research papers in high school, you are expected to perform well on this task, but it is not crucial to be so much detailed as your advanced peers in college. The format for writing a research paper is always the same no matter the academic level in which the paper is being developed. You learn good research writing skills from class lessons, manuals and instructions from supervisors. Research writing skills are crucial in your everyday academic life. Having a great idea is the vital ingredient one needs to write a research paper that has impact in the academic sphere as well as to the society. Research writing is governed by a number of rules that you must follow when writing in order for the paper to be academically accepted. First, you must be aware of the type of paper writing style and format accepted by the institution you are studying at. Most often, every learning institution make custom rules concerning paper format and style. Continue reading How to Write a High School Research Paper

How to Write a College Reflective Essay

Before learning how to write a college reflective essay, one has to know what a reflective essay is so one can know how to go about writing it. A reflective essay is the kind of paper that is designed to reiterate what the student has been learning throughout a semester, through discussions, through studying essays, reading and activities that one has done in class. Most reflective essays are brief and are approximately 3 pages in length and, in most cases, entail writing about personal perceptions, reactions and thoughts, about a particular issue that has been discussed in class. Such papers are also done in collaboration with classmates although, in some situations, students are asked to write their own paper without collaborating with classmates. Continue reading How to Write a College Reflective Essay

How to Write a Response Essay to Literature

If one of the subjects you are studying is literature, then you will definitely be required to write a number of literature response papers. In order to graduate from your college with good grades you need to write a flawless paper. Writing a literature response essay paper basically implies that one will be doing more than just writing about the content of a certain article.

The implication is that you will actually be responding to the content of the literature using specific literary methods of response. These methods of responding to the content of a literature piece can be formal, semi formal, or totally informal depending on the requirements of the response paper. Regardless of the level of formality that one is supposed to use when writing an essay, a writer should at all times remember that this response paper is to be a personal view, or what someone actually thinks when reading it. Basically, what one is required to do while writing this kind of a paper is to argue your own points as depicted in your thesis statement, and then defend one’s perceptions, using content or evidence that has been drawn from the literature. Continue reading How to Write a Response Essay to Literature

How to Write a Deductive Essay

A deductive essay is written by using the logical interpretation as used in a deductive argument. Such types of arguments are dependent on the underlying idea, which says that situations are provided which will result in a logical ending.

The principle involves in this type of thinking says that whenever an individual is provided with enough knowledge, they are able to come up with solutions, or lead themselves to a logical ending.

Deductive analysis is not too unusual, although an individual may not grasp it. It takes an analytical progression while having a likely destination. Usually individuals do this without thinking about it consciously. A deductive essay is quite similar to deductive reasoning as it follows the same path, supporting it with logic. Still, a deductive essay may not contain a usual thesis since the thesis is likely to be the ending. These kinds of essays show the logic created by considering many perspectives of life, for example, the law and detective work. Such kind of logical progression was brought to the fore in Greek philosophy, and it is also utilized in education to make sure the subject is understood and to ensure comprehension of the logical movement of thoughts. Continue reading How to Write a Deductive Essay

How to Write a Classification Essay

Quite often students find writing a classification essay time-consuming and full of problems. But these can all be avoided, or at least dealt with, when these students consult how to write a classification essay texts and sites. With the Internet age, students generally need not grapple with difficult things at the expense of their own grades and happiness. Experts have come out in great numbers to provide students with the best ways to go about solving their problems. Consulting these sources makes writing the classification essay easier. Writing the classification essays is not just about the concept, but by writing the essay, the students learn to group or categorize things in accordance to some known principle. After giving the categorization it is important to justify by examples that are relevant and simple.

Perhaps the most important thing in writing the classification essay, and that element most ‘how to write a classification essay’ experts stress, is the fact that the grouping has to be logical. One has to come up with the categories that best suit the situation and then go on to write about these. It is the conformity to this pattern that makes the papers involving. You should not ever deviate from the set principle. A classification essay, just like any other essay, follows the basic steps of writing, which are the introduction, the body and the conclusion. The classification essay ought to have a thesis statement in which the writer states the criteria that he/she is going to use to classify the objects in question. Deviation from the principle of organization can make the whole essay become irrelevant. Continue reading How to Write a Classification Essay

How to Write a Persuasive Speech

The purpose that differentiates a persuasive speech from any other kind of academic paper or speech is that the writer is expected to take a position on an issue related to the topic and defend it. The essence of writing a persuasive speech is to convince the reader to agree with the writer and perhaps to be moved to take action. This type of writing utilizes reason and logic to illustrate that one idea is more legitimate compared with another while persuading the reader to adopt a certain view. The use of solid evidence and sound reasoning is therefore a must if the writer is to convince the reader.

Just as it is when writing any kind of paper, the writer of a persuasive speech must plan before beginning to write it if the ideas are to flow smoothly and logically. The process of developing a carefully planned persuasive speech begins with the selection of a position, which is basically deciding on which side of an issue one is going to support and the solution to the problem that the writer is proposing. In order to do this well, the writer must always keep in mind the purpose of the speech. Developing a persuasive speech also involves analyzing the intended audience and deciding if the targeted audience is likely to agree or disagree with the writer’s position or if the audience is likely to be neutral to the position or to disagree with it. Continue reading How to Write a Persuasive Speech

How to Write an Informative Speech

An essay is a writing that someone writes while expressing their opinions on a certain matter. However, if you are wondering how to write an informative speech essay, it is an elaboration or description of specific information, instead of opinion. When writing this type of essay, the writer is required to write about knowledge related to a particular issue, and with this type of essay writing, the writer is never given permission to express his own personal information.

Usually, the information included in an informative speech is plainly stated, while results and conclusions are left to the reader to make. Of course, while writing this essay, the writer must end the essay with a conclusion paragraph. However, this conclusion paragraph includes any personal suggestions or opinions. The format of an informative essay begins with an introductory paragraph and this includes introducing the topic, while giving a thorough definition of the topic. For an essay of just a few pages long, the introduction should be short and contain only a few sentences. Continue reading How to Write an Informative Speech

Media Ethics Essay

Part 1: Ethical Analysis Plan
Media ethics refers to the behavior that is observed by newspapers and televisions in publicizing information. The behaviors that they exercise to provide the public with positive information about products that have negative effects are a violation of media ethics. Media ethics aim at regulating the information posted to the public that could affect them negatively. For this reason, they are created to protect the rights of the people. An example is the advertisement of alcohol and other illicit drugs in a positive manner by the media, in order to generate sales by various companies that manufacture the products. The media does not consider the negative side of alcohol and drug consumption in order to promote usage.

As a result, drug and alcohol consumption has increased in countries like Australia. The increased consumption of drugs and alcohol has various negative effects on the physical heath of people. These effects are not explained in most of the advertisements by the media. The content that is displayed by the media through these advertisements in order to increase the sale of drugs and alcohol is not ethical.

Background Information
Drug and alcohol consumption is rampant in modern societies today. In countries like Australia, teenagers are mostly known to abuse drugs and alcohol (Marshall, 2012). Australia is a country that is recognized for its excess consumption of alcohol. This is attributed to the positive advertisements made by the media, depicting alcohol use as a good thing. Most nightclubs and parties in Australia are associated with the consumption of alcohol and other illicit drugs. This is because the products are made available to customers, through alcoholic posters and banners that promote consumption. Continue reading Media Ethics Essay

Essay on Serial Killers: David Richard Berkowitz

Detailed description of the case and related multiple murders
David Richard Berkowitz, commonly referred to as the Son of Sam, asserted that his initial murder happened in late months of 1975; he undertook a knife assault on two women (David, 1985). The two women in the initial attack survived, and just one of the two attacks (of Michelle Foreman) was verified to take place. Nevertheless, David Berkowitz was not accused of any of the two attacks. His killing spree that eventually earned him fame started in 1976 summer at the New York streets; on 29th July, he shot Donnal Lauria and Jody Valenti. The two were sighted in a car parked adjacent to Donna Lauria’s house. Jody Valenti managed to survive while Donna died; this attack did not catch the attention from the media. In 1976 October 23rd, David Berkowitz travelled to Queens to attack his subsequent pair; once again in a parked car (Gibson, 2010). In this round, the survivor was Carl Denaro after a shot on the forehead; his companion succumbed to the shooting. One month after, David Berkowitz was engaged in a shootout of two teenagers, Joanne Lomino and Donna DeMasi, in 1976 on 26th November; they were heading home from a cinema trip. Joanne Lomino got paralyzed while Donna Demasi recovered. David Berkowitz took a number of weeks off the killing and in 1977, on 30th January, he resumed the shooting. The attack was on a couple that had been engaged, John Diel and Christine Freund. Christine Freund passed on while John Diel survived. After this shooting, police identified the weapon of David Berkowitz as an Arms Bulldog, 44 calibers Charter. David Berkowitz signifies the set-and-run killers’ murder; normally motivated by a desire for vengeance although ideological motive, extortion and insurance fraud are often additional motives (Jack, 2010). Continue reading Essay on Serial Killers: David Richard Berkowitz

Chinese Educational Experience Essay

Historically education has been regarded as the gateway to success. This notion holds viable in various perspectives depending on the concept of its application. Notably various social and cultural backgrounds exhibit varied trends in educational systems. The impacts generated upon the application of a given system qualify its validity and effectiveness. Therefore, a person with adequate educational exposure has high chances of enhancing his or her knowledge. Nonetheless, lack of uniformity of global educational system, generate new episodes in which people look for a better system in a far country. In addition to this, another reason that potentially influences people’s decision to look for education results from the dynamism, that this field undergoes within a shorter duration. It is in this connection that, certain social zones are deemed best in offering quality educational standards. However, the thesis of this essay is to discuss educational experience in a Chinese background, in comparison to the personal experience that American system has to provide. The advancement of educational experience in both social set ups is compared based on its validity and effectiveness to the perceived recipients. Malcolm X and his plight in acquiring education while at the prison benchmark the comparison under this review. In line with this, the American system of education became authenticated from experience that Malcolm X encountered while in prison (Lee. p 65). Continue reading Chinese Educational Experience Essay

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