Informal Essay Writing Tips

Informal essays are those types of essays that are composed for pleasure but this does not imply that they do not have to be informative. Rather these essays can also be informative even though the main purpose of such essays is to reveal the writer’s talents or ability in informal writing. These essays are also usually written for the purpose of the writer communicating their perspective on an issue of event.

Informal essays could be different in the way that they are written because these essays are written in a way that is less rigid compared so formal essays but when it comes to organization, this essay has to be written according to a well organized plan. Some of the other key features that could help one distinguish between an informal essay and a formal one includes an informal essay being much more personal compared to any other kind of writing. In relation to being personal, such essays may deal with issues such as the author’s religious beliefs and personal experiences or may take on controversial issues such as mercy killing or even abortion. When writing such an essay, the writer of this essay should design it in such a way as to make it feel or look like a conversation. This means that you should engage the audience by taking on perceived views of the audience and arguing for or against them. Continue reading Informal Essay Writing Tips

Tips for Writing a Marketing Research Paper

One of the most typical written tasks for students in almost every educational institution is a research paper. In many ways it resembles writing an essay, but as you can understand from its name, additional research is required. No matter what subject you have to choose for your research paper, you have to deal with this task very carefully and be responsible enough to get good grades. There are certain rules you have to follow while writing, be it a research paper, or any other type of paper.

Start the process of writing your Marketing research paper with choosing a topic. It should be both relevant and interesting for you and for your teacher. Talking about marketing, you may write about a certain product or service and make a research trying to establish the reasons for its popularity. Here are some ideas for you to choose from: why do people like iPhones? Why do one people choose Coca Cola, while the others Pepsi? Nikon vs. Canon/ PlayStation vs. Xbox – will that war ever end? Think of a thing you’ve bought recently and try to analyze what attracts you most of all. Have you seen the same in an advertisement? Continue reading Tips for Writing a Marketing Research Paper

Guidelines for Writing a Business Term Paper

A term paper is a pretty important task, and you have to prove the knowledge you gained during the whole term. So, in this kind of task you have to show your teacher how well you have understood all the material and whether you are ready to take further steps in your educational process. Be responsible, do your best, and keep in mind that the earlier you start writing it, the more time you will have to make your paper flawless.

The whole process should start with looking back at everything you’ve learned during the term. This can be applied to any subject, and business in particular. Ask yourself what you liked more and what you were interested in. There must a certain aspect you are ready to cover in your paper. The more you like the topic, the more chance there is it will be written well. Anyway, you may choose the topic you understand less than others. It can be done in order to figure everything out not to have trouble with it in future. Continue reading Guidelines for Writing a Business Term Paper

How to Write a Good Critical Thinking Essay

A critical thinking essay is a specific kind of task, and its name speaks for itself. As you may have already guessed, it requires a different kind of thinking. The thing is, we have a certain set of beliefs and prejudices, and we get used to them so much that we don’t even realize that other people may think otherwise, that tastes differ and there is often no ‘right’ and ‘wrong’. That’s why to write a good critical thinking essay you should constantly control what is going on in your head.

Choosing the right topic is one of the most important steps and the further process of writing an essay will depend on it. The best topic is the one which can be described from various perspectives, including all points of view. It may be a debatable question you’ve heard recently, or some kind of public concern in your city or country. On the other hand, you had better not use such topics as religion or politics because they are usually not pleasant topics to discuss and can cause unpredictable consequences. Continue reading How to Write a Good Critical Thinking Essay

Tips for Writing a Creative Writing Paper

Frankly speaking, there is one reason to enjoy working on a creative writing paper, as well as one reason to dislike it. First of all, you can be creative, which means you can write whatever you want, but write it well. As a result, you will look at your paper and feel proud of what bright and original ideas you came up with. That’s what some people like. On the other hand, having too many options can be a bit confusing. All of your ideas seem to be great and you would rather use all of them, but you only have to choose one. It can be a difficult task to do.

Sometimes people say “I’m just not creative at all,” but the fact is, being creative is like being a child. Have you noticed how much they like to dream and make up stories? Treat your creative writing task like a game, don’t be afraid to experiment. That’s exactly what creative tasks are all about. Continue reading Tips for Writing a Creative Writing Paper

How to Write a Literature Review for College

If you are a college student, you will have to write a literature review sooner or later. That’s why it’s better to be well prepared for that. There are a number of steps every person who writes a review has to take, be it a book review, a poetry review, or a movie review. It can be difficult at times, but at the same time you have a great opportunity to enjoy reading a literature masterpiece and understand it better.

The first step is choosing a book. Do not underestimate the importance of it and do not pick a random one. Wouldn’t it be great to read and review a book you are interested in? Pay attention to the author and the genre, try to remember what you have heard about it, including the book’s peculiarities. Once you have chosen a book, you may start reading it. It is advisable that you read it twice. Have you ever experienced the feeling that you haven’t noticed half of the important details for the first time, but all of them become apparent while you watch a movie or read a book for the second time? So, start reading a book and take all important notes concerning important details or what has impressed you most. Continue reading How to Write a Literature Review for College

How to Write a Good English Essay in an Exam

All students know that sooner or later the time will come when they have to take an exam. Chances are you will agree that it is not the most pleasant activity in students’ life. People are afraid of exams, and that’s the reason they are very nervous and even sweat bullets. Actually, there is nothing special about every exam. You just have to concentrate on what you have to do, and you will not even notice how you’ve stopped worrying. Pull yourself together, think fast, and do your best to succeed. Anyway, there are certain tips you are likely willing to know to show good results in your written exam.

Very often you have to write an essay in your exam. There is no doubt you have written at least one before, so you should know how it all works. But there is a significant difference between writing an essay at home and in an exam. What you have to do is to read your topic attentively and try to figure out what you are supposed to write about. Have no ideas at all? You had better have a piece of paper to write a draft copy of your essay first. Continue reading How to Write a Good English Essay in an Exam

Essay on Chinese Food and Culture

What makes Chinese food special?
What makes Chinese food special is a question commonly asked by many people. Chinese delicacies are common and widely adored all over the world. The last Chinese cook is a book deeply inbuilt in expounding on Chinese food and their culture. When Maggie travels to China to know the whereabouts of her deceased husband, things turn out to be different than she expected. She sets out on a food research which later on yields impressive results. She manages to discover the deep insights of Chinese food. While on her food research, Maggie discovers how delicacies in China blend in with their tradition. Unlike other communities, the Chinese way of cooking is majorly depends on tradition. Chinese foods have a unique preparation mode; all cooking procedures are traditional. This shows the connection between Chinese delicacies and tradition. This is what makes Chinese food special. Continue reading Essay on Chinese Food and Culture

Travel Narratives from the Age of Discovery Essay

Columbus in America
Columbus’ discovery of America was accidental because he initially thought that it would take him a lesser distance and time to discover the way to Asia. His estimations were about twenty four hundred miles, while it was actually over 10,600 miles. This circumstance made him stick in America that let him discover the lands and the islands in the continent. In his letters describing his discoveries, he told about the nature and the status of the people living on this land. From his letters, we also get to know that he sent out his people to look out if there was a city or a king, which may have given a clue whether they had a government or not, and their feedback was negative. This showed that the people were not industrious and that their economic status was low. However, the description of the land showed that it was very fertile and many land segments were still ‘virgin’ because no one had explored them yet and the natives did not reside them either. Besides, according to Columbus’s letter, the trees were so tall that they reached the sky, the weather very pleasant, and the place had many inviting commodities that could be harvested (Mancall 210).

The natives of the American land, according to the letter, had a culture that allowed them to stay naked. However, from the European standards perspective, it was considered primitive. He further said that people lived together in small settlements located on the mainland. Also, the natives did not create settlements along the coastal lines as according to Columbus’s letters there were neither villages nor towns/cities at the coastal regions. He aslo narrated that his men found no king or any other form of government that ruled or organized people (Mancall 211).

In addition, the natives of America neither had religion nor worshiped any idol. Therefore, Columbus initiated the Christian religion after he won their trust by giving them gifts they treasured. The natives believed that the goodness and power came from heaven and that was their only belief and faith (Mancall 211). They also believed that Columbus, his ships, and men came from heaven. What is more, Columbus mentioned that they were not ignorant. Rather, they were kind in the way they treated him and his men. They also gave them precious gifts such as gold and food. However, in the Indies, they encountered man-eating people and Columbus considered this as the only monstrous thing they came across in the region (Mancall 212). Continue reading Travel Narratives from the Age of Discovery Essay

Business Process Reengineering Essay

Norlane is restaurant that sells food to incoming customers. Usually these food elements are prepared at the restaurant and served once ordered by the customer. However, recently they have noticed that the number of incoming customers has decreased considerably, and this had affected their sales figures. As a result of that, they had to redefine how to deal with that problem and reclaim their position in the market.

Using business reengineering, Norlane, need to deliver their food services where it is most needed. This means that they would have to take food to places where people gather a lot including schools, universities, stadiums and airports. This also implies that they would have to gather more of their sales persons/messengers to make that process a success. Drivers may also have to be involved in this reengineering process. I picked this process since I have seen how food goes to waste when customers fail to visit their restaurant, and knowing very well that there is a remedy to such a problem. Some of the questions that I would need to ask about the current process: Were the customers satisfied with the food being served in the hotel, as this would help the management to reconsider introducing a new menu as far as the reengineering process is concerned. This means that I would have to interview some of their customers in order to get a hold of such information, which would be helpful as far as the reengineering process is concerned. Continue reading Business Process Reengineering Essay

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