Example essay on Osama bin Laden

Forty-five years ago, a new kind of evil was brought into this world. Osama bin Laden was born into a rich Saudi Arabian family, and he grew up to become a multimillionaire terrorist. He established at al-Qaeda, which is an Islamic terrorist organization. His actions and those of his followers have changed the world in a very frightening way.

On September 11,2001, members of his organization took action against our nation in the most unforgivable way imaginable. Although the events last year were against the United States, they will change the world for years to come. As a nation we have been scared, but we have also risen above it and pulled together. We are considered to be the strongest, most powerful and secure country in the world. But on that fateful day our sense of security was forever tarnished. It is tragic to think that any ignoramus who can learn how to crash a plane into a building could pose a potential threat to the world.

Osama bin Laden has implanted fear into the lives of all humankind, no longer do people feel safe getting onto an airplane or going in a restaurant or building that might be bombed or hit by another terrorist attack. If the most powerful country on earth is defenseless against this kind of strike, imagine how easily any small country could crumble and fall at the mercy of a lunatic like Osama. Continue reading Example essay on Osama bin Laden

Sample essay on Internet Fridges

We thought that the current electrical goods we had were advanced, well think again because we are closer and closer to making what seemed impossible or merely a distant future, appear a reality.

Internet Fridges are probably the newest, most up to date technology we have today. The sound of an Internet fridge may seem ridiculous and pointless in having, however, there are so many technological advances to having this nifty, rather large component to your household. With so many little additions and gadgets to this refrigerator, I`m sure it will seem fairly impossible to even recognize every luxury device received with the Net Fridges. Although you may just think that this appliance is simply the Internet connected to a fridge you are vastly mistaken. Some may have more or different special features, depending on the company it is made from. It seems the standard Net Fridge tends to include a large touch-sensitive screen, a barcode scanner, digital television, message board, camera, built-in monitor (to detect expired foods), connection with other household appliances, e-mail and much more. From using these exceptional pieces of equipment and gadgets, you d be amazed at how you can use them for your great benefit. The barcode scanner enables the refrigerator to check barcodes to note when daily necessities are missing from the fridge or if the ingredients for that day`s dinner are available in supermarkets. The fridge will then be able to deliver a shopping list to the local supermarket allowing the supermarket to deliver your groceries to you, and without you having to do a thing. You can also have installed an online weekly shopping list. Rather than sticking messages on the fridge, you can use the handwriting message board on the fridge. You can also surf the net, play MP3’s and e-mail digital photos. The built in camera allows you to make family videos and can be used as a security system alerting the police if there should be a break in. One of THE best elements though of the Internet Fridge has to be the Longwork protocol. This protocol enables the fridge to have interaction with other household appliances. Example, Any of the lights in your home can be turned on or off from an icon on the display panel, while the air-conditioning, spa and alarm system can all be controlled without leaving the kitchen. Continue reading Sample essay on Internet Fridges

Example essay on Racism

Free example essay on Racism:
The texts Mississippi Burning directed by Alan Parker, A Time To Kill by Joel Schumacher and Ghosts Of Mississippi by Rob Reiner explore the mistreatment of Negroes living in America`s South with a non-racist view. The three tests all explore the theme of racism and Negroes trying to reach the equilibrium with the white communities of Mississippi.

Parker`s Mississippi Burning is based on the Ku Klux Klan`s murders of three civil rights workers in 1964. A Time To Kill by Joel Schumacher is about a Negro Father who takes the law into his own hands after the legal system fails to condemn the two white men who raped and beat his daughter. Rob Reiner`s Ghost Of Mississippi is a true story about a white supremacist accused of the murder of NAACP officer Medgar Evers, 30 years after he was shot down in his driveway. Racism, Negroes gaining power and cinematic symbolism are all evident in the three texts, which made the films entertaining and also made the viewer feel quite empathetic towards the Negro`s. Continue reading Example essay on Racism

Importance of Proper Conduct essay

Sample essay on Importance of Proper Conduct:
The importance of using polite and proper language is as important as the dinner hour: VERY important. Proper behavior and language within school, is essential for proper learning and growth as a person. It helps people learn respect, for future and present use, for school and for jobs, and for common decency. Without proper conduct and language, we would be lost in a world full of ignorance, disrespect, and stress. People wouldn’t know whom to look up to, they wouldn’t listen to others, and they wouldn’t know when to be quiet.

People who are older than you, deserve respect…it is a rule of life. They have had more years and in some case MANY more years of life experience than you, therefore, you should look up to them in a respectful manner, and not regard anything of what they say as being stupid, redundant, or insignificant; because they know far more than you about life. To respect is to hold someone in appreciative regard and esteem, and to do this, is not very hard. People who teach you, should deserve respect, for they are helping you get set for the rest of your life. People who nurture you, should deserve respect, because they have helped you become who you are today. The people who nurture, teach, and are older than you aren’t the only ones who deserve respect. Everyone, deserves respect. You can respect people by not hurting them, you can respect people by not ridiculing them, you can respect people by saying “please” and “thank you” and by using your common manners. Continue reading Importance of Proper Conduct essay

Example essay on iPad

Free example essay on iPad:
Technological advancements shape the trends that manufacturers are taking in manufacture of electronic devices. One such company is Apple that has manufactured a device that enables its users experience the web, video, photos and email in a totally different and new way. Apple Company has designed an iPad with strong built in applications that efficiently takes advantage of the multi touch screen, and complex and advanced functionalities of the device. The device allows the users to work in any orientation and therefore allow the user to experience what they can not enjoy on any other device. The device is generally marketed for visual and audio media platform like periodicals, audio books, games, movies and music. Continue reading Example essay on iPad

Divorce Essay sample

Free sample essay on Divorce:
Divorce in my eyes is definitely one of the biggest happening things to every day life. To make things simple, divorce is basically the dissolution of marriage by law. Marriage is something that everyone will face during his or her upcoming lives, but divorce should not be a case due to a cause of dishonesty, or even a constant fighting mishap. In my opinion divorce should have never even came about in this society today. It should either be a done / done situation or a never happening issue.

To this question, and me there is no wrong or right answer. Just a given opinion on what you think. I both agree and disagree with the meaning of divorce. I concur with divorce because people always make mistakes within their lives, and he or she will at some point move on to an agreement of divorcing. I as well, oppose this issue, because those who are couples should know what marriage is, and not abuse the love they have between one another. They should respect what marriage is, and make sure it is what they want before jumping into something they wont want in the future. Continue reading Divorce Essay sample

How to Write a College Research Paper

How to write a good college research paper:
More trouble for a student then any other college essay brings a research paper. Unlike all the other variations of academic writing for college research paper do not only require a substantial knowledge or good writing skills but it also involves a lot of hustle to conduct a fundamental research.

Basically the whole assignments depends on the initial research done. Therefore starting on the task make sure you can do the research. At this stage you need to read through the lines to understand the purpose of your future findings since they will be addressing as narrow and specific issue. But if all the work here came down only to gathering data and getting figures that would have been a piece of cake. However to persuade the audience or to present your view on the subject you have to surround the research results with thoroughly selected wording. Continue reading How to Write a College Research Paper

How to Write a College Essay Paper

How to write a good essay in college?.. The western system of education has long ago accepted academic writing as a major tool of study control and knowledge evaluation. For most of the students academic writing is closely associated with writing a college essay. As a matter of fact such correlation is almost true. College essay is a quite diverse assignment as well as a notion of academic writing as a whole. If looked at closer the college essay also implements different variations of style, structure and purpose. You can be given a college essay to write to sum up a course of literature or to describe in depth your latest chemistry research. As you see this task mistakenly taken to be easy at the first sight turns out to be quite tricky. Therefore if you are intending to finish your academic study years as a successful student you have to learn how to write good college essays. As every important case in life this job also requires a thorough plan and fundamental approach. Continue reading How to Write a College Essay Paper

Natural Resource Management essay example

At site two we find the habitat of an endangered bird found only in this area and needs to be protected. This particular site is a natural zone in which I would seek to ensure the protection of its native animals. Native animals are all animal species that as a result of natural processes occurred on land now designated as a park. In order to protect this endangered bird hunting will be prohibited in this area and the amount of human impact will be limited in and around the area. I would also conduct management programs that will help restore the species population by making sure there is an adequate habitat for the birds to live and are protected from any external threats. A small area around the bird’s habitat will also be fenced in until the risk of predators and poaching is minimized and the population begins to restore itself. Continue reading Natural Resource Management essay example

Teams and Leadership Essay Example

Free example essay on Teams and Leadership:
This essay will discuss my experiences of teams and leadership. It will discuss my experience as a team member at work or outside work. It will also talk about my team membership experience within the unit teams and leadership and my experience as a leader. It will then go on to discuss the different stages that contribute to establishment of effective teams, roles of team members, evaluate my preferred role within a team, analyse the key functions of an effective team leader and finally assess the four main leadership styles and the context in which it may be most successful. I will commence this essay by defining teams and leadership and the different types of teams. I will then progress to my personal experiences.

A team can be defined as a group of people working together to achieve a certain goal and objectives. They usually have a defined task or tasks, which were already set, and everyone in the team has a specific or defined role to play. For example, a football team, every player has a role to play on the field in order to win. They are said to be dependent on each other’s efforts. An effective team is one that achieves its aim in the most efficient way and is then ready to take on more challenging tasks if so required. Members of an effective team are likely to be united in a common purpose, trust each other, be committed, be open with each other, accept consensus decisions, and support one another and work through conflict. There are probably no clear and finite stages of development. Here are some phases of team development. People sometimes distinguish between Hierarchical tams and Expect teams. Continue reading Teams and Leadership Essay Example

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