Management Science Essay

Free Management Science Essay
Operations research is a discipline that encompasses the application of the prevailing advanced analytical methods in making of the viable decisions. It is concerning the provision and the implementation of the scientific methods to the prevailing executive departments. These departments normally possess quantitative basis of the decisions concerning the operations beneath the control that pertains to the operational analysis. Moreover, operations research is frequently grouped as sub-field of mathematics. Operations research entails the application of the techniques originating from the associated mathematical sciences. The underlying mathematical sciences skills which are normally involves in the operational research are the mathematical modeling, mathematical optimization accompanied by the corresponding statistical analysis. The process of operation research is normally arrives at most favorable or the underlying near-optimal resolutions pertaining to the multifaceted decision making problems. Since there is also the emphasis on the corresponding human-technology interaction accompanied by the focus on the operational applications, the operations research also overlap with other related disciplines such as the industrial engineering, operations administration accompanied by the draws pertaining to psychology and the association science. Operations research in management science is mainly concern with the determination of the underlying maximum returns, performance accompanied by the prevailing yield. Moreover, it also relates to the determination of the minimum loss, risk and the corresponding cost that pertains to the actual world objectives. Operations research originated from the military efforts prior to the World War II ,thus making its underlying techniques to develop massively in solving the concern problems within the variety of the prevailing industries. Continue reading Management Science Essay

Essay on Effective Security

Effect of effective security essay:
Information is regarded as a valuable commodity in any organization that is whether it is printed or written. To avoid threats and risks to the information is to manage this information by establishing an information security management system (ISMS). Information security involves activities which relate to the protection of information assets from threats that would lead to the loss, disclosure, misuse or damage of the information (Kimberley 2004). Information management system therefore refers to measures that would be employed by an organization so as to sensibly manage these risks.

  • Risks to the information assets can be analyzed by the following issues;
  • Risks to the organization’s assets; these are the events which are not wanted and thus could cause an accidental or deliberate loss, misuse or damage of assets.
  • Vulnerabilities; how prone the asset is to attack.
  • Impact; the magnitude of a likely loss.
  • A security device, need to have the following characteristics so as to make people to use it widely; Continue reading Essay on Effective Security

Cause and Effect essay example

Cause and Effect essay on The Fall of Man and the Subsequent Effects:
This is among the issues which are not easily understood in our world today. What God had in mind for mankind was happiness that would last forever without suffering and misfortunes all Adam and Eve had to do was not to eat of the forbidden fruit. Man was left to make his own decisions. Whereas free will was not withheld from them, their consequences of the results of their actions upon exercising their free will could not be avoided. Adam and Eve ate of the forbidden fruit and the consequence is the world that we have today. This is what came to be known as the fall of mankind. This was the main cause to the after effects and the suffering of mankind.

Later on God gave mankind enough chances to repent their sins. From the time of Adam’s descendants when Abel was supposed to offer an offering to God that would save humankind and restore their relationship that was lost in the Garden of Eden. But then another cause happened. Cain killed his brother. The one who would have saved mankind died and things continued to get out of control. Some effects turned into cause and such are referred to as causal effects. Adam’s disobedience led to them being taken away from the Garden of Eden and they started a family. This was a result of the fall. Continue reading Cause and Effect essay example

Lab Report on Biochemistry

Lab Report: Isolation of Plant Pigments
The presence of different pigment molecules in the leaves of plants is due to the presence of carotenoids and chlorophyll. These pigments are of different colors such as red, green, yellow and orange. Separation of these different colors involves the application of three different processes namely solvent extraction, chromatography and spectrophotometry. Solvent extraction is used to extract these pigments from the leaves, chromatography applied to separate the extracted pigments. Finally, spectrophotometry is used to identify the different colors separated by chromatography. These three different processes follow each other in succession, and must be done with accuracy and precision. The most common plant pigment is chlorophyll that is green in color. On the other hand, carotenoids because of their oxygen component may be orange, red or yellow in color. Chlorophyll absorbs light at 450 nm and 650-700 nm in the blue and red wavelength regions. In the paper chromatogram, there will be different regions representing the different pigments. Beta carotene appears as yellow-orange, pheophytin as grey, chlorophyll a as blue-green, chlorophyll b as green and xanthophylls as yellow. There are also other pigments called the anthrocyanins that appear reddish in color.

All these pigments absorb light at different wavelengths and resolute on the paper chromatogram at different speeds. As a result, they will occupy different regions on the paper chromatogram based on their resolution. A look at the results of the paper chromatography reveals a chromatogram with five different regions occupied by different pigments. We observe an orange pigment, yellow pigment, yellow-green pigment, blue-green and reddish pigments in that order. These are the pigments that are clearly visible on the chromatogram. These pigments appear in this order from the solvent front. Remember the solvent used in this process must not dissolve any of these pigments. There are other pigments in blurred and appear grey in color. They appear at the bottom of the rest of the pigments. Continue reading Lab Report on Biochemistry

Essay on Nursing

Sample Essay on Nursing:
American Nurses Association defines nursing as protection and ability to prevent illness through treatment of the human response. The main aspect of my nursing philosophy and the value systems are as follows: time management, advocacy, knowledge, honesty, privacy of the patient, and respect. This is what drives me to choose nursing as a career. Nursing is seen as a very important career as one decides to care for peoples lives and share different beliefs and values. Knowledge is the main aspect in ensuring the success of this career. It is very important to apply knowledge in this career. To be a good nurse however, it is very vital to think holistically and be able to participate in the in the patients needs (Fitzpatrick, & Whall, 2009). One has also to be able to manage time. When a nurse is poor in managing his time, then the entire service will be affected in terms of quality.

My personal philosophy of nursing is in respect to the model of Jacksonville University school of Nursing. This model characterizes nursing as both an art and scientific discipline. Nursing is seen on the art perspective in the sense that, nurse are meant to understand the meaning and experience of holistic health sickness. It also brings out the perspective of moral and ethical care. I view nursing as a science in the sense that, nursing is active in the body application and theoretical knowledge of nursing (Watson, 2009). The main objective of nursing is to ensure that, I achieve knowledge, skills, and competency to be able to achieve quality life and health while embracing individuals’ culture. Continue reading Essay on Nursing

Masonic Influence in the Founding of America – PPT presentation


Many Americas have been made to believe that the powerful states which make America and the honorable document that actually governs the country as different as are Christian.

However, through thorough research, it can be proved that the nation’s most vital laws and perspectives are more or less connected to Masonic principles (Coil,1996, p.31).

A lot of evidence that surround the marvelous city of Washington D.C. leads to the conclusion that America, a powerful and solitude nation had its most vital being based on masonry.

Although argued other wise, the constitution and the declaration of independence, two extremely significant documents were in one or more ways connected to the Masonic principles (Christopher, 1996).

The Founding Fathers

Some of the founding fathers of the nation amongst them Washington, Franklin, Randolph, Jefferson and John Adams amongst others can have their roots traced to masonry.

Most of the were influential in conjugating the most significant document in American history and had the ties and links to Freemasonry (Coil,1996, p.34).

George Washington, the first president of America was a renowned Freemason. He was one of the fifty six people who conjured the declaration and the constitution.

A significant number of personalities who formed the first government were Freemasons. (Hoffman, 2008, p72) . Continue reading Masonic Influence in the Founding of America – PPT presentation

How to Write a Business essay

One of the application elements of business studies learning outcomes is presentation of ideas in business essays. Many students struggle with making a good business essay due to the failure in making the appropriate connection between business studies and writing skills. It is therefore expected that among the most asked questions by business students is how to write a business essay. The average student would have the idea on how to make a presentation of an essay but incorporating business skills becomes tricky. During such essay writing assignments, students should be cautious of making the usual blunders that delink both features in many students’ work. For instance, a good number of students are good in essay writing but lack business skills in their essays while another considerable group of students lack writing skills but have good business ideas. Continue reading How to Write a Business essay

Sample Essay on Nuclear Weapons

The invention and introduction of nuclear weapons into our society was an astronomical find that shaped the way nation states around the world perceived war. Nuclear weapons use the power of the atom to create tremendous explosive force. They also produce radiation, which can cause genetic mutations and be lethal for thousands of years. These weapons of mass destruction allowed states to possess weapons capable of destroying cities along with masses of civilians. The nuclear weapon gave nations to power to eliminate foreign foes and extend fear in the psyche of nations with less military might and weapons of mass destruction. This imminent threat started with the one the most important figures of the nuclear age, the Danish theoretical physicist Niels Bohr. Bohr set the nuclear path by helping to harness atomic power. However the perils presented by the atomic energy deeply troubled him. Bohr could envision the disastrous effect this bomb would have on all facets of life throughout the world and history. “He carried on a personal campaign during the war to alert the leaders of the United States and Great Britain to these perils, and to persuade them to put the new force under national supervision” Mandelbaum 6). Bohr understood if these weapons were put to use by a nation that it would be revolutionary development in which the effect could not be reversed. Nation-states like the United States and Soviet Union did not share his belief and decided to advance their military armaments with the atomic bomb. After the US bombing of Nagasaki and Hiroshima, the world had turned in a nuclear arms race as politics and national ideologies sparked the arms race. Many questions arose from the initial bombing of the Japan cities Nagasaki and Hiroshima. The greatest issue facing nuclear weapons was the morality of the bombing by the United States on Japan to end WWII. This paper will explore major issues the United States that affected my position in determining whether it was proper for the United States to use nuclear weapons to end the WWII. Continue reading Sample Essay on Nuclear Weapons

Example essay on Outsourcing

Free example essay on Outsourcing:
Outsourcing is most certainly not a new concept. It has existed for thousands of years. It has only been called outsourcing beginning a few decades ago. Both humans and organizations throughout history have never completed all tasks by themselves. In fact, during the Age of Egypt, human beings provided goods and services to others, while during the Middle Ages, people came together to buy and sell goods and services at the village market.

While human society migrated from an agricultural to an industrial basis, there was an increase in the amount of goods and services being outsourced. Entire communities moved out of rural areas and into villages, turning them into towns and then eventually into cities. Fewer people raised their own livestock, grew their own produce, or completed tasks themselves. Tasks that required a highs skill level were always done by third parties, such as carpentry, building, etc. Continue reading Example essay on Outsourcing

Alexander the Great essay

Free sample essay on Alexander the Great:
With all of his accomplishments came the knowledge and influence of the different people in Alexander’s life. Alexander III was the son of Philip II and the Epirote princess Olympias. He was twenty when he succeeded the throne of Macedonia. Alexander followed in Philip’s footsteps with spectacular success but he did not stand in his fathers shadow. His mother Olympias was a great help in this. She was an iron willed woman who did everything in her power to protect her son and advance his career. She was an incredibly determined mother. It was Olympias who put the idea in Alexander’s mind that he would become successful in his own right, not just because he was the son of Philip.

The relationship between Alexander and his mother was an important aspect in Alexander’s life. According to John Maxwell O’Brien’s ‘Alexander the Great “The Invisible Enemy”, “The is little doubt that she was one of the dominant influences in his early life.” Even after Alexander succeeded Philip’s throne, their relationship was always marked by affection and loyalty. When Alexander crossed the Hellespont to Asia in 334 BC, Olympias stayed in Europe and remained as his supporting backbone the whole way, even throughout all his victories and conquests. Alexander’s profound dedication to his mother never wavered. However, he was desperately requested by his viceroy in Macedonia to rid of her interfering ways. This is when Alexander is said to have remarked, “that Antipater did not understand that one tear shed by [my] mother would wipe out ten thousand letters such as this”. Alexander also expressed some thought on his mother’s deification. He told close friends “the greatest reward for my efforts and my labours will be if my mother Olympias be granted immortality on her departure from life”. Continue reading Alexander the Great essay

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