How to Write a Laboratory Report

Writing lab reports requires presenting relevant practical and technical information clearly and concisely. This information details results and conclusions that are drawn from experiments and the methods used. The lab report should also include relevant discussions about the findings. These reports should be thorough, complete, and well-organized and consist of at least five sections as follows: 1) Cover Page, 2) Introduction, 3) Methods and Materials, 4) Results and Findings, and also 4) Discussions and Conclusions.

The Cover Page
The cover page of the lab report should contain a title given for the experiment. It should also include your full name, the instructor’s name (or whatever person or entity to which the report will be presented), and either the experiment date or the date the report is written. Continue reading How to Write a Laboratory Report

How to Write a Personal Statement Paper

Your university of choice can get a better idea of who you are, what you are about, and how well you will fit into the university culture with a well-prepared and well-written personal statement. This is why it is important that your personal statement is an accurate reflection of your personality traits as well as your intelligence. Also, your personal statement should be persuasive and interesting.

Do Not Be a Carbon Copy
It is important that you set yourself apart from the norm and from the crowd. Do not submit a cookie cutter, generic personal statement paper. The admission committee is attracted to insightful submissions that are interesting and revealing. As well, they focus on strong personal traits that show you are not afraid to open yourself up.

What to Include

It is important not to include unnecessary information but it is good to be detailed, just concise. You should include elements such as: Continue reading How to Write a Personal Statement Paper

How to Write a Proposal for Thesis Paper

A thesis proposal is a comprehensive outline of the research path you plan to take for your thesis. It is basically a blueprint of how your thesis will be constructed. The thesis proposal will be submitted to your academic institution’s advisory committee as part of your candidacy for your advanced degree program.

Thesis Proposal Writing Tips
Your main focus for writing a thesis proposal is to look good in the eyes of the committee so that you are accepted into the degree program. This is why it is very important that your proposal is well-researched, well-written, and properly formatted with correct citations and referencing. Your proposal needs to be in top quality form.

Common Thesis Proposal Form
Your thesis proposal should consist of at least seven components, which are the: (1) topic and summary; (2) problem, question or hypothesis; (3) research purpose and significance of prior research; (4) research methodology; (5) potential research limitations; (6) potential research outcomes; and (7) proposed thesis chapters. Continue reading How to Write a Proposal for Thesis Paper

How to Write a Proposal for Dissertation

A dissertation proposal serves as a guide to use for constructing your dissertation. It is basically an outline that serves as the foundation from which to build your final document. If you complete a good dissertation proposal, your final dissertation will be structured better, and it will be more easily completed.

You should know that if your dissertation proposal is not properly prepared, your dissertation will not be up to par. This is why it is important that you research your proposal well, so that it can be well-written and properly formatted with correct citations and references. To do this, it must contain some essential elements.

Dissertation Proposal Elements:
There are some basic elements that your dissertation proposal should contain to better present the overall structure of your dissertation. These elements include an outline of the scope of your research and objectives. It also includes methods of collecting data and the significance of the research. Your dissertation proposal should focus on the what, how, and why the topic was chosen, as well as where the study will be carried out. The basic elements of a dissertation proposal are as follows. Continue reading How to Write a Proposal for Dissertation

Architectural Criticism Essay

When looking at the reading by Leon Krier, it is clear that he has fully illustrated the meaning of architecture as a building, which he argues is different from the meaning that is given by other authors. Leon Krier argues architecture means form of origin, which is also considered to be the art of buildings that allows for the building to be erected. In addition, he argues that architecture is relevant to organisms or structures as it determines the strength of the structures, as well as, the figure the structure will take. It is important to note that architecture is a description of the carefully designed, large or highly creative structures. This is important to Leon Krier as he defines the highest classical principles that determine the architecture of any given structure.

On the other hand, Leon Krier further illustrates the meaning of architecture when he argues that it is a form of expression. Here, he argues that people of different cultures can be in a position to express their feelings through the structures they bring up. Leon Krier also notes that architecture can be an artistic intellectual culture of buildings and structures, which is concerned with imitation of different elements of a specific culture. According to him, this is very symbolic as it portrays the buildings as images representing the specific society that they are brought up in. The use of a highly artistic and intellectual culture in architecture confirms the classical notions, which include performance, stability, and the beauty of the architectural structures. Lastly, he points out clearly that an architectural structure can take any form or shape depending on the imitation elements that that compliments the structures. Continue reading Architectural Criticism Essay

Mentoring Program Essay

1. Will it be worthwhile to the company to implement a formal mentoring program?
Mentoring employees can assist them adapt to the culture of the business and could help in formulating future goals for them. Tutoring new employees by being the information source with insight on the etiquette of workplace will assist with organizational growth. Mentoring assists employees by giving them direction. Recipients of great mentoring services in workplaces overcome loads of hurdles. Mentoring assists with understanding of corporate and business culture, as employees have the understanding of where and how they could wish to go, as well as, how setting objectives assists with accomplishing personal targets. The mentor assists with the realization of this understanding. As such, an effective mentor offers guidance and direction. Employees require mentoring to bring out their full potential. Mentoring is extremely rewarding and certainly essential for employees to crossover to point B from point A (Clutterbuck et al, 2012).

2. How should employees who want to be mentored be chosen to participate in a mentoring program? Continue reading Mentoring Program Essay

Artificial Intelligence Essay

The Use of Prolog in Artificial Intelligence
Artificial intelligence can be defined as getting things that seem to be intelligent, done by the computers with the use of advanced and sophisticated software engineering techniques for tough problems that has no easy solution and requires nonnumeric problem solving techniques or methods (Bratko). A number of languages and sub-languages are used by artificial intelligence. One of the most efficient ones is PROgrammation et Logique abbreviated as PROLOG. It is a high-level interactive and logic programming language and good at knowledge reasoning and representation, language and grammar processing, unification and pattern matching. The planning and search PROLOG supports symbolic AI. The language is closely associated with predicate expression and logical formula (Bratko). For example, p(x), city(monterey, california), pi(3.1416), longpredicatename(longargumentname, 3) are some PROLOG predicate expressions that can be put into computers to represent facts about the world. When we want the computer system to know something about an organization’s product, say printer; “product(printer).” can be interpreted as printer is a product. Only lower cases are used in PROLOG and a period at the end of facts signal the end of a line. Names can also be given to the computer, for example “product(blackjet).”, “product(colorjet).” to represent the “product” type where product is a predicate for type. In a similar way, people, abstracts things like colleges or institutions, concepts, etc. can be labeled with types: “vice_president(deejay_jam).”, “president(sid_val).”, “university(technology_graduate_school).”, “university(nyc_university).”, “day_of_week(sunday).”, etc. Today, PROLOG is one of the most famous AI languages with a number of commercial and free implementations used in areas such as expert systems, theorem proving, automated answering systems, games, sophisticated control systems, etc. The modern environments of PROLOG support networked and administered applications and creating GUIs.

How to Make a Good Annotated Bibliography

The list of sources used for conducting a research is, as a rule, entitled as “References” or “Works Cited” and includes general information about the author, title, date of publication, the state, and the publisher, as well as the number of pages in the books, articles, manuals, used for composing this or that piece or other types of writing.

An annotated bibliography is quite a different kind of written assignment. It presupposes not only gathering and organizing existing publications, but also precisely summarizing them.

Thus, you will need to identify general information about the sources (author, title, etc.), and you can also add your own input from reading them. If you are to compose the annotated bibliography on a certain topic, you will need to critically evaluate every entry and present your own reflection in the paper. Also, you should present the bibliographical list in every entry individually. This means that if you want to analyze several sources at one time, you are free to do this. Continue reading How to Make a Good Annotated Bibliography

Universal Studios Hollywood Essay

The experience I have gained at Universal Studio has surpassed the expectations I hoped to achieve through my music career. Recently, the company organized a concert tour Canada and thereafter another closing tour at Melbourne in Australia. The management intended to make this tour a fantastic event and appeal to the large fan base that Universal studio is commanding in the music industry. Two airline companies named Air Canada from Canada and Etihad Airlines of Australia sponsored the music tour and several Musicians from the label were brought on board to make the tour a success. In both tour experiences, the audience targeted by Universal records was the youth aged between 18-30 years old. Renowned hip-hop artist in the music industry were scheduled to perform during the tours. Continue reading Universal Studios Hollywood Essay

Speech Essay Sample

Public speaking involves factors of effective communication. A good public speaker should ensure that he communicates to deliver the message with utmost clarity. His message should adhere to summary for the sake of interest and captivating an audience. It is necessary that the audience gives him full attention so as to gain the most out of his speech. His/her role is therefore to enhance their attention by captivating them with a good introduction, flow of points and a confident presentation. I attended a national institute of research where various speakers presented their points.

Listening to them, I was captivated by their sense of confidence and certainty in what they were addressing. Most of them had an organized manner of presentation, they used slides. They are useful in helping the audience follow closely and clarify what the speaker says. The speaker used short and very precise sentences to put her point across. She had also, done her research exclusively on the topic she had been provided. Her introduction began with salutation and acknowledging the presence of various members of the national institute of nursing research. Her speech is characterized by clarity and thus eloquence. Continue reading Speech Essay Sample

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