Hard-Rock Cafe and the Starbucks Cafe Essay

Brief company introduction
Starbucks and Hard Rock café are globally renowned companies in the restaurant sector. Starbucks Corporation was established in 1971 by Gordon Bowker, Jerry Balswin and Zev Siegl (Starbucks, 2013). It is famous American coffeehouse company that operates more than 20,000 stores in the United States and 62 other countries across the world. It has been ranked as the largest coffeehouse company globally. The cafe specializes in hot and cold beverages and snacks. Starbucks’ headquarters are located in Seattle, Washington, United States. On the other hand, Hard Rock Cafe is a renowned restaurant established in 1971 by Perter Moton and Isaac Tigrett (Hard Rock, 2013). It started with a single cafe located in London. Currently, the company operates 167 stores in 56 different countries across the world. It is headquartered in Orlando, Florida, United States, where the largest store is located. This paper compares the operations of Starbucks Cafe with those of Hard-Rock Café in Kuwait.

Comparison of the operations
Starbucks and Hard Rock Cafe have similar attributes in terms of the location of their cafes. Starbucks stores are situated in highly visible places. These include centralized cities. Eventually, the company expands into nearby markets. This explains why Starbucks operates 20,891 cafes in various countries across the world. However, more than half of these cafes are located in the United States. Other countries with more stores include Canada, Japan, China, South Korea, United Kingdom, Mexico , Germany, the Philippines and Turkey. In a similar way, Hard Rock Cafes are located in major cuties. Since most of its customers are tourists, Hard Rock has often targeted locations that are perceived to be destination cities as ideal locations for its cafes. Besides the Hard Rock Cafes in Kuwait, the company has other 166 cafes in major destination cities across 56 counties across the world. Continue reading Hard-Rock Cafe and the Starbucks Cafe Essay

Travel Narratives from the Age of Discovery Essay

Columbus in America
Columbus’ discovery of America was accidental because he initially thought that it would take him a lesser distance and time to discover the way to Asia. His estimations were about twenty four hundred miles, while it was actually over 10,600 miles. This circumstance made him stick in America that let him discover the lands and the islands in the continent. In his letters describing his discoveries, he told about the nature and the status of the people living on this land. From his letters, we also get to know that he sent out his people to look out if there was a city or a king, which may have given a clue whether they had a government or not, and their feedback was negative. This showed that the people were not industrious and that their economic status was low. However, the description of the land showed that it was very fertile and many land segments were still ‘virgin’ because no one had explored them yet and the natives did not reside them either. Besides, according to Columbus’s letter, the trees were so tall that they reached the sky, the weather very pleasant, and the place had many inviting commodities that could be harvested (Mancall 210).

The natives of the American land, according to the letter, had a culture that allowed them to stay naked. However, from the European standards perspective, it was considered primitive. He further said that people lived together in small settlements located on the mainland. Also, the natives did not create settlements along the coastal lines as according to Columbus’s letters there were neither villages nor towns/cities at the coastal regions. He aslo narrated that his men found no king or any other form of government that ruled or organized people (Mancall 211).

In addition, the natives of America neither had religion nor worshiped any idol. Therefore, Columbus initiated the Christian religion after he won their trust by giving them gifts they treasured. The natives believed that the goodness and power came from heaven and that was their only belief and faith (Mancall 211). They also believed that Columbus, his ships, and men came from heaven. What is more, Columbus mentioned that they were not ignorant. Rather, they were kind in the way they treated him and his men. They also gave them precious gifts such as gold and food. However, in the Indies, they encountered man-eating people and Columbus considered this as the only monstrous thing they came across in the region (Mancall 212). Continue reading Travel Narratives from the Age of Discovery Essay

Media Ethics Essay

Part 1: Ethical Analysis Plan
Media ethics refers to the behavior that is observed by newspapers and televisions in publicizing information. The behaviors that they exercise to provide the public with positive information about products that have negative effects are a violation of media ethics. Media ethics aim at regulating the information posted to the public that could affect them negatively. For this reason, they are created to protect the rights of the people. An example is the advertisement of alcohol and other illicit drugs in a positive manner by the media, in order to generate sales by various companies that manufacture the products. The media does not consider the negative side of alcohol and drug consumption in order to promote usage.

As a result, drug and alcohol consumption has increased in countries like Australia. The increased consumption of drugs and alcohol has various negative effects on the physical heath of people. These effects are not explained in most of the advertisements by the media. The content that is displayed by the media through these advertisements in order to increase the sale of drugs and alcohol is not ethical.

Background Information
Drug and alcohol consumption is rampant in modern societies today. In countries like Australia, teenagers are mostly known to abuse drugs and alcohol (Marshall, 2012). Australia is a country that is recognized for its excess consumption of alcohol. This is attributed to the positive advertisements made by the media, depicting alcohol use as a good thing. Most nightclubs and parties in Australia are associated with the consumption of alcohol and other illicit drugs. This is because the products are made available to customers, through alcoholic posters and banners that promote consumption. Continue reading Media Ethics Essay

Chinese Educational Experience Essay

Historically education has been regarded as the gateway to success. This notion holds viable in various perspectives depending on the concept of its application. Notably various social and cultural backgrounds exhibit varied trends in educational systems. The impacts generated upon the application of a given system qualify its validity and effectiveness. Therefore, a person with adequate educational exposure has high chances of enhancing his or her knowledge. Nonetheless, lack of uniformity of global educational system, generate new episodes in which people look for a better system in a far country. In addition to this, another reason that potentially influences people’s decision to look for education results from the dynamism, that this field undergoes within a shorter duration. It is in this connection that, certain social zones are deemed best in offering quality educational standards. However, the thesis of this essay is to discuss educational experience in a Chinese background, in comparison to the personal experience that American system has to provide. The advancement of educational experience in both social set ups is compared based on its validity and effectiveness to the perceived recipients. Malcolm X and his plight in acquiring education while at the prison benchmark the comparison under this review. In line with this, the American system of education became authenticated from experience that Malcolm X encountered while in prison (Lee. p 65). Continue reading Chinese Educational Experience Essay

Mentoring Program Essay

1. Will it be worthwhile to the company to implement a formal mentoring program?
Mentoring employees can assist them adapt to the culture of the business and could help in formulating future goals for them. Tutoring new employees by being the information source with insight on the etiquette of workplace will assist with organizational growth. Mentoring assists employees by giving them direction. Recipients of great mentoring services in workplaces overcome loads of hurdles. Mentoring assists with understanding of corporate and business culture, as employees have the understanding of where and how they could wish to go, as well as, how setting objectives assists with accomplishing personal targets. The mentor assists with the realization of this understanding. As such, an effective mentor offers guidance and direction. Employees require mentoring to bring out their full potential. Mentoring is extremely rewarding and certainly essential for employees to crossover to point B from point A (Clutterbuck et al, 2012).

2. How should employees who want to be mentored be chosen to participate in a mentoring program? Continue reading Mentoring Program Essay

Universal Studios Hollywood Essay

The experience I have gained at Universal Studio has surpassed the expectations I hoped to achieve through my music career. Recently, the company organized a concert tour Canada and thereafter another closing tour at Melbourne in Australia. The management intended to make this tour a fantastic event and appeal to the large fan base that Universal studio is commanding in the music industry. Two airline companies named Air Canada from Canada and Etihad Airlines of Australia sponsored the music tour and several Musicians from the label were brought on board to make the tour a success. In both tour experiences, the audience targeted by Universal records was the youth aged between 18-30 years old. Renowned hip-hop artist in the music industry were scheduled to perform during the tours. Continue reading Universal Studios Hollywood Essay

Against Animal Testing essay

Animal testing is a process of using animals in conducting scientific experiments (Christopher 14). The practice is also widely referred to as animal research or animal experimentation. In efforts to understand how the human body reacts and behaves in different conditions, animals are used as an experimental substitute in finding or establishing relevant solutions related to items or substances that humans use on a day to day basis such as cosmetics, household merchandise, food preservatives, industrial chemicals, supplements, and medication (Hackman 92). The tests that involve animals largely take place in medical schools, establishments of military defense, Universities, laboratories and in biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies. Most animals used by scientists in conducting different tests or researches are mostly reared for these reasons in laboratories (Christopher). Supplementary animal acquisition methods include capturing the animals from the wild or buying them from companies that bred animals specifically for furthering or facilitating experimental procedures. Continue reading Against Animal Testing essay

HR Management Essay

HR manager providing guidelines for a supervisor to use when they have to discipline employees
Every institution requires rules and regulations to help guide employee on the day to day basis. These regulations are created as guiding programs, and it is a recommendation that everyone adheres to it, where consequences follow in case one goes against any of them (Krakow, 2000). As a Human resource manager, it is one’s duty to ensure that employees stick to the rules and regulations of the company, and since it is not easy for the Human resource manager to keep watch of the employee all the time, it is advisable that the Human resource manager develops a program, for supervisors, to help the discipline the employees whenever they go against these regulations. One of the most prestigious programs that a Human resource manager could come up with is a program to ensure a drug free work place (Krakow, 2000).

1. Key components that should be included in your company’s drug free work-place program to best meet the needs of both employees and the company
Some significant elements that should be included in a drug free work-place program include providing a written drug free workplace policy. Policies are guidelines that are provided to help guide employees on the rights and wrongs at the workplace (Krakow, 2000). These policies will only be effective if it states clearly why this program is crucial. Another key element is training of the supervisors. Through this training, supervisors are taught how to deal with employees who do not keep the rules and regulations of the company. This could also prove efficient in helping ensure that the supervisors are conversant with the company’s policies (Krakow, 2000). Continue reading HR Management Essay

Essay on Effective Security

Effect of effective security essay:
Information is regarded as a valuable commodity in any organization that is whether it is printed or written. To avoid threats and risks to the information is to manage this information by establishing an information security management system (ISMS). Information security involves activities which relate to the protection of information assets from threats that would lead to the loss, disclosure, misuse or damage of the information (Kimberley 2004). Information management system therefore refers to measures that would be employed by an organization so as to sensibly manage these risks.

  • Risks to the information assets can be analyzed by the following issues;
  • Risks to the organization’s assets; these are the events which are not wanted and thus could cause an accidental or deliberate loss, misuse or damage of assets.
  • Vulnerabilities; how prone the asset is to attack.
  • Impact; the magnitude of a likely loss.
  • A security device, need to have the following characteristics so as to make people to use it widely; Continue reading Essay on Effective Security

Lab Report on Biochemistry

Lab Report: Isolation of Plant Pigments
The presence of different pigment molecules in the leaves of plants is due to the presence of carotenoids and chlorophyll. These pigments are of different colors such as red, green, yellow and orange. Separation of these different colors involves the application of three different processes namely solvent extraction, chromatography and spectrophotometry. Solvent extraction is used to extract these pigments from the leaves, chromatography applied to separate the extracted pigments. Finally, spectrophotometry is used to identify the different colors separated by chromatography. These three different processes follow each other in succession, and must be done with accuracy and precision. The most common plant pigment is chlorophyll that is green in color. On the other hand, carotenoids because of their oxygen component may be orange, red or yellow in color. Chlorophyll absorbs light at 450 nm and 650-700 nm in the blue and red wavelength regions. In the paper chromatogram, there will be different regions representing the different pigments. Beta carotene appears as yellow-orange, pheophytin as grey, chlorophyll a as blue-green, chlorophyll b as green and xanthophylls as yellow. There are also other pigments called the anthrocyanins that appear reddish in color.

All these pigments absorb light at different wavelengths and resolute on the paper chromatogram at different speeds. As a result, they will occupy different regions on the paper chromatogram based on their resolution. A look at the results of the paper chromatography reveals a chromatogram with five different regions occupied by different pigments. We observe an orange pigment, yellow pigment, yellow-green pigment, blue-green and reddish pigments in that order. These are the pigments that are clearly visible on the chromatogram. These pigments appear in this order from the solvent front. Remember the solvent used in this process must not dissolve any of these pigments. There are other pigments in blurred and appear grey in color. They appear at the bottom of the rest of the pigments. Continue reading Lab Report on Biochemistry

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