Psychology in Routine Law Enforcement Duties Essay

In 1997, I completed my formal training at the Tennessee Academy of Law Enforcement in Donelson- Tennessee. A year later, I completed my training in Crisis Intervention with the department of Memphis Police. The training entailed handling people with disorders of substance abuse and mental illness. As a Crisis intervention Officer, my duties were to identify individuals with drug abuse problems or disorders, such as schizophrenia and assist them to get the required appropriate treatment before they caused harm to themselves or others. Given the sensitivity of this matter, I worked directly with hospitals and facilities dealing with mental health issues. My assigned duty was to prevent suicide and hostage negotiation. This discussion explores my personal working experience with individuals in need, like those experiencing problems of mental health. The discussion also provides an overview of schizophrenia and other mental health complications.

Overview of Crisis Intervention Team
A Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) is a working community involving partnership with family members and consumers of mental health services. The goal of the program is to set an excellent standard for the officers in relation to treating mentally ill individuals. This is attained through instituting individual responsibility for every occurrence and the results’ overall accountability. The officers are accorded the best available training quality and become part of a team specialized to respond at any time to a crisis. The teams work in unison with the community to resolve every situation in a way that demonstrates concern for the well being of the citizen. In 1988, the department of Memphis Police collaborated with the providers of mental health, two universities (University of Tennessee and University of Memphis) and National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) – Memphis Chapter (Dattilio & Freeman, 2007).

The partnership was to train, implement, and organize a specialized unit. The purpose of this creative and unique alliance was to develop a more understandable, intelligent, and safe approach to the event of mental crisis. The genesis of the CIT in the department of Memphis Police was through this community effort. From every Uniform Patrol Precinct, volunteer officers exist in the CIT and are ready during crisis calls to handle complex issues related to mental illness. CIT officers also work as patrol officers in their regular performance of their duty assignment. The CIT officers undergo specialized instructional training under the supervision of family advocates, consumer groups of mental health, and providers of mental health (Dattilio & Freeman, 2007). The training instills confidence to CIT officers to offer a more humane and calm approach, while maintaining 24-7 coverage. Continue reading Psychology in Routine Law Enforcement Duties Essay

Essay on Social Media Policies

Question 1
The use of the social media platform has in the recent past been abused by some employees resulting in necessary actions being taken. Creation of a social media policy aimed at monitoring the way employees use the social media became an immediate response to the problem. It was revealed that social media have been used by employees to state negative comments about their employers or even the jobs they do (Akitunde, 2013). A good example is the case of an employee working for the Burger King company in Japan; he posted a picture in Instagram where he was lying on burger buns. There have also been cases of employees from Domino and Taco Bell pizza who engaged in unmentionable acts with food. All these employees were sacked for defamation and maligning their reputation. The impact of these actions was felt by companies as well as the public eating in the same fast foods.

Question 2
Regarding the decision made by the NLRB on the above case, sacking of the employees was the only solution able to save the situation. It’s very shaming and unhealthy to post compromising pictures with a food product consumed by millions of people in a day. Pictures like these create a bad reputation of the company involved, hence leading to a reduction in the number of sales (Akitunde, 2013). The other affected parties are the customers whose immediate response is to withdraw from such companies. In order to save the reputation of the companies, then taking appropriate actions is important for purposes of maintaining the integrity. Stern punishments and sacking are necessary to ensure that the rest of the employees maintain high ethical practices. Employees should thus learn to conduct themselves well by observing the social media policies. Continue reading Essay on Social Media Policies

Essay on Chinese Food and Culture

What makes Chinese food special?
What makes Chinese food special is a question commonly asked by many people. Chinese delicacies are common and widely adored all over the world. The last Chinese cook is a book deeply inbuilt in expounding on Chinese food and their culture. When Maggie travels to China to know the whereabouts of her deceased husband, things turn out to be different than she expected. She sets out on a food research which later on yields impressive results. She manages to discover the deep insights of Chinese food. While on her food research, Maggie discovers how delicacies in China blend in with their tradition. Unlike other communities, the Chinese way of cooking is majorly depends on tradition. Chinese foods have a unique preparation mode; all cooking procedures are traditional. This shows the connection between Chinese delicacies and tradition. This is what makes Chinese food special. Continue reading Essay on Chinese Food and Culture

Business Process Reengineering Essay

Norlane is restaurant that sells food to incoming customers. Usually these food elements are prepared at the restaurant and served once ordered by the customer. However, recently they have noticed that the number of incoming customers has decreased considerably, and this had affected their sales figures. As a result of that, they had to redefine how to deal with that problem and reclaim their position in the market.

Using business reengineering, Norlane, need to deliver their food services where it is most needed. This means that they would have to take food to places where people gather a lot including schools, universities, stadiums and airports. This also implies that they would have to gather more of their sales persons/messengers to make that process a success. Drivers may also have to be involved in this reengineering process. I picked this process since I have seen how food goes to waste when customers fail to visit their restaurant, and knowing very well that there is a remedy to such a problem. Some of the questions that I would need to ask about the current process: Were the customers satisfied with the food being served in the hotel, as this would help the management to reconsider introducing a new menu as far as the reengineering process is concerned. This means that I would have to interview some of their customers in order to get a hold of such information, which would be helpful as far as the reengineering process is concerned. Continue reading Business Process Reengineering Essay

Essay on Serial Killers: David Richard Berkowitz

Detailed description of the case and related multiple murders
David Richard Berkowitz, commonly referred to as the Son of Sam, asserted that his initial murder happened in late months of 1975; he undertook a knife assault on two women (David, 1985). The two women in the initial attack survived, and just one of the two attacks (of Michelle Foreman) was verified to take place. Nevertheless, David Berkowitz was not accused of any of the two attacks. His killing spree that eventually earned him fame started in 1976 summer at the New York streets; on 29th July, he shot Donnal Lauria and Jody Valenti. The two were sighted in a car parked adjacent to Donna Lauria’s house. Jody Valenti managed to survive while Donna died; this attack did not catch the attention from the media. In 1976 October 23rd, David Berkowitz travelled to Queens to attack his subsequent pair; once again in a parked car (Gibson, 2010). In this round, the survivor was Carl Denaro after a shot on the forehead; his companion succumbed to the shooting. One month after, David Berkowitz was engaged in a shootout of two teenagers, Joanne Lomino and Donna DeMasi, in 1976 on 26th November; they were heading home from a cinema trip. Joanne Lomino got paralyzed while Donna Demasi recovered. David Berkowitz took a number of weeks off the killing and in 1977, on 30th January, he resumed the shooting. The attack was on a couple that had been engaged, John Diel and Christine Freund. Christine Freund passed on while John Diel survived. After this shooting, police identified the weapon of David Berkowitz as an Arms Bulldog, 44 calibers Charter. David Berkowitz signifies the set-and-run killers’ murder; normally motivated by a desire for vengeance although ideological motive, extortion and insurance fraud are often additional motives (Jack, 2010). Continue reading Essay on Serial Killers: David Richard Berkowitz

Coleridge Essay

Coleridge Critical Ideas and theory
Coleridge’s ultimate gift to human thinking lay in his capability for double perception. He had a wider thinking, a concept that one has to appreciate if they are to grasp the full nature of his continuing influence. He endorsed contemporary respect for the human will and knew from personal experience how unreliable a resource could be (Newlyn 240). Ted Hughes, a twentieth century writer, in his admiration for Coleridge’s theory states that every poet had his own ‘fountain’, which he or she needed to discover so as to release what he had to give. Hughes finds it right for the value of Coleridge’s legacy in his power to rouse in others a dance of imagination similar to his own. After all, it is the most valuable respect in which he lives on for his readers (Newlyn 242).

Imagination in poetry entailed the inspired aspects at the time of composition. The familiarity in normal life ceases to be useful the moment it loses its apparent character. The selfish solicitude is always intent on maintaining the distinction between persons and things since it is a separating or dividing force. This is contrary to social ends and to the sociability of the species. The central doctrine of Coleridge’s theory is that poetry is purely human; for all its materials are from the mind, and all its products are for the mind. It is the nature of the fine arts to express intellectual purposes, thoughts, conceptions, and sentiments, which have their origin in the human mind. The imaginative activity helps to realize this function. Coleridge had extraordinary gifts, both as a poet and as a reader. In Chapter XV of the Biographa, he comments upon the perfect sweetness of the versification in the ‘Venus and Adonis’ as a characteristic of original poetic genius remarks that “the sense of musical delight with the power of producing it is a gift of imagination’’ (Armstrong 6). Continue reading Coleridge Essay

Opportunity Cost Essay Sample

Opportunity cost refers to the value of the next lucrative foregone alternative (Cherunilam, 2008). Therefore, the cost is incurred for having not taken a second best alternative available. For the banks, an opportunity cost would be the profit that they would gain in case they lend a loan to a borrower but would not due to the loan lending limits. In the business lending, the information that is granted tends to reduce the uncertainty and any risk that can emerge (Baker, & Powell, 2009). The banks’ level of willingness to offer loans will depend on the information that they have from the borrower. The lending risks will tend to be lower in situations where the loans are little as compared to the business turnovers, asses and the earnings. The lending risks will also tend to be lower in a situation whereby the existing or rather the projected levels in gearing are low. The credit risks will tend to arise from an inability of counterparties from a bank to meet obligations as well as the collateral failing to secure receivables from the banks. Due to the credit risks, the banks are forced to abide by the lending limits. The credit risk management will tend to work towards restricting losses that may occur due to the credit risks that may arise from the clients as well as other related exposures towards an acceptable level while seeking towards optimizing risk/return ration (Abbott, 2011).

Capital rationing is one of the techniques used towards imposing limits on capital for the banks. In this case, the entire process of lending limits works towards reducing the concentration of the credit risks hence the volatility of returns in a bank and the probability of its insolvency. Capital rationing will therefore work towards hard rationing the loans that banks can make hence forcing the banks to reject particular lending chances. The main objective of capital rationing is protecting the company and in this case, the bank, from having to over-invest its assets (Baker, & Powell, 2009). In case the bank over-invests on its assets, then it would experience low returns on investments and face compromised financial position. Considering the standard finance theory, a loan that increases the concentration of the credit risks into the bank’s portfolio should not face rejection. It should be reflected in higher rates of returns that are demanded by a bank’s investors that offer the funds in which all loans are funded. This means that the cost of capital for the bank will tend to increase. The main device that works towards capital rationing has to increase cost of capital for the banks. Cost of capital refers to cost of debt as well as equity. The main advantage that comes with capital rationing for the banks is the effective budgeting for the bank’s resources (Abbott, 2011). Continue reading Opportunity Cost Essay Sample

Architectural Criticism Essay

When looking at the reading by Leon Krier, it is clear that he has fully illustrated the meaning of architecture as a building, which he argues is different from the meaning that is given by other authors. Leon Krier argues architecture means form of origin, which is also considered to be the art of buildings that allows for the building to be erected. In addition, he argues that architecture is relevant to organisms or structures as it determines the strength of the structures, as well as, the figure the structure will take. It is important to note that architecture is a description of the carefully designed, large or highly creative structures. This is important to Leon Krier as he defines the highest classical principles that determine the architecture of any given structure.

On the other hand, Leon Krier further illustrates the meaning of architecture when he argues that it is a form of expression. Here, he argues that people of different cultures can be in a position to express their feelings through the structures they bring up. Leon Krier also notes that architecture can be an artistic intellectual culture of buildings and structures, which is concerned with imitation of different elements of a specific culture. According to him, this is very symbolic as it portrays the buildings as images representing the specific society that they are brought up in. The use of a highly artistic and intellectual culture in architecture confirms the classical notions, which include performance, stability, and the beauty of the architectural structures. Lastly, he points out clearly that an architectural structure can take any form or shape depending on the imitation elements that that compliments the structures. Continue reading Architectural Criticism Essay

Artificial Intelligence Essay

The Use of Prolog in Artificial Intelligence
Artificial intelligence can be defined as getting things that seem to be intelligent, done by the computers with the use of advanced and sophisticated software engineering techniques for tough problems that has no easy solution and requires nonnumeric problem solving techniques or methods (Bratko). A number of languages and sub-languages are used by artificial intelligence. One of the most efficient ones is PROgrammation et Logique abbreviated as PROLOG. It is a high-level interactive and logic programming language and good at knowledge reasoning and representation, language and grammar processing, unification and pattern matching. The planning and search PROLOG supports symbolic AI. The language is closely associated with predicate expression and logical formula (Bratko). For example, p(x), city(monterey, california), pi(3.1416), longpredicatename(longargumentname, 3) are some PROLOG predicate expressions that can be put into computers to represent facts about the world. When we want the computer system to know something about an organization’s product, say printer; “product(printer).” can be interpreted as printer is a product. Only lower cases are used in PROLOG and a period at the end of facts signal the end of a line. Names can also be given to the computer, for example “product(blackjet).”, “product(colorjet).” to represent the “product” type where product is a predicate for type. In a similar way, people, abstracts things like colleges or institutions, concepts, etc. can be labeled with types: “vice_president(deejay_jam).”, “president(sid_val).”, “university(technology_graduate_school).”, “university(nyc_university).”, “day_of_week(sunday).”, etc. Today, PROLOG is one of the most famous AI languages with a number of commercial and free implementations used in areas such as expert systems, theorem proving, automated answering systems, games, sophisticated control systems, etc. The modern environments of PROLOG support networked and administered applications and creating GUIs.

Speech Essay Sample

Public speaking involves factors of effective communication. A good public speaker should ensure that he communicates to deliver the message with utmost clarity. His message should adhere to summary for the sake of interest and captivating an audience. It is necessary that the audience gives him full attention so as to gain the most out of his speech. His/her role is therefore to enhance their attention by captivating them with a good introduction, flow of points and a confident presentation. I attended a national institute of research where various speakers presented their points.

Listening to them, I was captivated by their sense of confidence and certainty in what they were addressing. Most of them had an organized manner of presentation, they used slides. They are useful in helping the audience follow closely and clarify what the speaker says. The speaker used short and very precise sentences to put her point across. She had also, done her research exclusively on the topic she had been provided. Her introduction began with salutation and acknowledging the presence of various members of the national institute of nursing research. Her speech is characterized by clarity and thus eloquence. Continue reading Speech Essay Sample

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