Essay on Tibetan Buddhism

In this movie, there are various lessons about death that are exhibited. In the first part of the movie, death has been described as a process of transference or transition between one’s life and the next life that occurs before, during and after death. Modern Mummification is a process that is also important in helping the viewer to understand the importance with which the Tibetan treats death. As a first viewer, the second lesson that is portrayed in this movie about death is that death is a way of transition that changes and individual from the current state to a better state depending on their activities in the first life. This is used to portray death as a purifier of life and that everyone is expected to go through the process of purification. The insightful discussion offered about modern mummification play a major role in exposing death as a sign of honoring one accomplishment in life.

The process of mummification is clearly stated as one that enables one to easily transfer to another life while at the same time remaining relevant to the living. This approach has not only approached death as nature’s honorable way of treating the inhabitants of the cosmos, but also, as an initiation into a different life, the life that is better than the normal life. Continue reading Essay on Tibetan Buddhism

How to Write a Critical Essay

The main idea of a critical essay is to analyze somebody’s work, being as objective as possible. The object of a critical essay is usually a work related to the arts, most often a literary work. It should be informative and not involve your own feelings towards a person, or their writing, because the main rule in critical essay writing, if you want to get a good mark for it, is to stay impartial about the object of your criticism.

Depending on the complexity of your critical essay, the introduction should contain a few lines to present the topic (state the name of the work and its author), or you can expand it to include brief information on the topic’s background. It is also good to state your position concerning the work, and briefly outline what you are going to include, in the main body. Continue reading How to Write a Critical Essay

Topic for Research Paper

The world of academic research has always intrigued me. Since enrolling in college, I have spent many hours perusing through published research in academic and peer-reviewed journals. Such an experience has not only served to enhance my intellectual ability, but also provided invaluable tips on investigating social, political, and educational phenomena. Having been acquainted with vast knowledge on research methods and the art of conducting investigations in the various social and political domains, I now feel confident enough to carry out my own research.

One of the areas that I have considered for research pertains to how governments operate. Specifically, I have been considering doing a research on the role of the infamous WikiLeaks in enhancing government transparency. The available literature tends to depict WikiLeaks as the guardian of public interest. A study on the same would entail examining in detail how undesirable practices such as corruption can be minimized by intensifying anonymous internet-based investigations. After careful thought, however, I decided to address the importance of music education in early education. Continue reading Topic for Research Paper

Against Animal Testing essay

Animal testing is a process of using animals in conducting scientific experiments (Christopher 14). The practice is also widely referred to as animal research or animal experimentation. In efforts to understand how the human body reacts and behaves in different conditions, animals are used as an experimental substitute in finding or establishing relevant solutions related to items or substances that humans use on a day to day basis such as cosmetics, household merchandise, food preservatives, industrial chemicals, supplements, and medication (Hackman 92). The tests that involve animals largely take place in medical schools, establishments of military defense, Universities, laboratories and in biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies. Most animals used by scientists in conducting different tests or researches are mostly reared for these reasons in laboratories (Christopher). Supplementary animal acquisition methods include capturing the animals from the wild or buying them from companies that bred animals specifically for furthering or facilitating experimental procedures. Continue reading Against Animal Testing essay

Stem Cell Research Paper Sample

Summary Page
A stem cell is specified type of cell possessing unique capability to renew itself and produce specialized types of cells. Although most body cells are committed to performing specified duties, stem cells are always uncommitted and remain so until they receive signal to develop into specialized cells. Their ability to turn to specialized cells and proliferation capacity to make stem cells unique from all others. For several years study have tried to look out for new conduct to apply stem cells in place for diseased or damaged cells and tissues. Recently, much attention has been accorded to stem cells from researchers and clinicians.

Scientists who have an interest in the development of human have been conducting research on it for a number of years. Stem cell has been one of them and has the capability of developing into any type of cell within the body systems. They have the power to develop to all of the known different type of cells. With their unique properties, stem cells are able to turn from fatal tissue and embryo.

To patients and researcher, there are many issues about stem cells that are unsolved. The prediction of the application of the stem cell is impossible particularly because the premature stage of the discipline of the stem cell biology. At present, it is impossible to determine in advance which stem cells or techniques for influencing the cells. This will be best tackle needs for primary research and clinical applications for whose answers will be found by doing more research on the issue. Continue reading Stem Cell Research Paper Sample

How to Write a Compare and Contrast Essay

In a compare and contrast essay you have to accentuate the similarities, and dissimilarities, between two or more objects, or entities. It’s one of the easier types of essays, where you have to evaluate the point that you were asked to compare, or contrast. Also, you have to use transition words to compare, or contrast, different ideas, so your essay will look more consistent. Brainstorming is useful; you need a range of ideas from which to choose the most important. Also, while brainstorming, you will probably come up with questions that the readers’ might ask, so you will be able to disclose them in your essay. Do some more research to be able to answer these questions correctly. Think well, before starting your essay, about everything you have gathered to ensure that you will be able to organize all the information you’ve got properly.

The introduction should disclose the topic and any additional information on it. Add a thesis statement here. Basically, prepare the reader for what you are going to write about. Continue reading How to Write a Compare and Contrast Essay

How to Write a Persuasive Essay

In persuasive essay writing, you have to find solid ground to be able to get your point across to the readers, since the main purpose of such an essay, is to convince the reader to accept your reasoning. Before writing the essay, decide on your opinion and whether you have enough facts to back it up. It is important, at this stage, to think about how readers will react to your position and way of relaying the facts. Would they sympathize with you, or show hostility. The balance between the stronger supporting points, and adequate back-up information, is the key to writing a good persuasive essay.

A good strategy is to brainstorm before writing the essay, instead of coming up with ideas as you go along. This will help you, greatly, in the construction of your essay, since you will know how far each point can be developed, and in which order to place them, in your essay, if they are suitable. Continue reading How to Write a Persuasive Essay

How to Write a Cause and Effect Essay

A cause and effect essay is one of the more popular writing tasks you will encounter at school, or, introductory courses, at collage. The main idea of such an essay is contained in its name, as you have to describe the causes, or the effects, of some phenomenon, or both, depending on the length of the essays you are required to write. Also, more factual information is needed in this type of essay writing, since you have to link your thoughts to reality.

The rules of structuring the introduction, and the conclusion, are almost the same for any kind of essay. It’s the main body that varies between the types of essays, and most of the main information is covered here. Don’t try to cover both causes and effects if you are writing a short essay. It’s hard to squeeze so much information into one page and make your essay look normal. Otherwise, if you need to present both causes and effects of some event, bear in mind that there are several ways to convey the information you’ve gathered. You can organize your thoughts by grouping causes and stating their effects, or by grouping the effects of a certain situation, and stating their causes. A special pattern is when we have a ‘chain reaction’, meaning that an event had caused another event, and this event causes yet another event, and so forth. Continue reading How to Write a Cause and Effect Essay

How to Write an Argumentative Essay

Argumentative essay writing is a lot like writing a persuasive essay; in the end your purpose is to influence somebody’s mind. But the major difference is that in an argumentative essay you should present the pros and cons of the topic you have chosen and clarify why you vouch for one, and oppose the other. While in persuasive writing you can confine yourself to only defend your point of view, in an argumentative essay you should state why you are for or against some fact. An argumentative essay is a good way to show that you can tactfully respond to different opinions.

In the introduction to an argumentative essay, you should present two different opinions on the matter that you want to discuss, and state the position you are taking. There are a few ways in which you can construct the main body of your argumentative essay; don’t forget that each paragraph of the main body should be dedicated to one argument. Firstly, you can state all pros you have and leave the penultimate paragraph for cons, and their refutations. Secondly, you can state the cons and refutations in the first paragraph of the main body, and then proceed to explaining the pros. Alternatively, you can leave a paragraph for each con and use your arguments for refuting. Continue reading How to Write an Argumentative Essay

HR Management Essay

HR manager providing guidelines for a supervisor to use when they have to discipline employees
Every institution requires rules and regulations to help guide employee on the day to day basis. These regulations are created as guiding programs, and it is a recommendation that everyone adheres to it, where consequences follow in case one goes against any of them (Krakow, 2000). As a Human resource manager, it is one’s duty to ensure that employees stick to the rules and regulations of the company, and since it is not easy for the Human resource manager to keep watch of the employee all the time, it is advisable that the Human resource manager develops a program, for supervisors, to help the discipline the employees whenever they go against these regulations. One of the most prestigious programs that a Human resource manager could come up with is a program to ensure a drug free work place (Krakow, 2000).

1. Key components that should be included in your company’s drug free work-place program to best meet the needs of both employees and the company
Some significant elements that should be included in a drug free work-place program include providing a written drug free workplace policy. Policies are guidelines that are provided to help guide employees on the rights and wrongs at the workplace (Krakow, 2000). These policies will only be effective if it states clearly why this program is crucial. Another key element is training of the supervisors. Through this training, supervisors are taught how to deal with employees who do not keep the rules and regulations of the company. This could also prove efficient in helping ensure that the supervisors are conversant with the company’s policies (Krakow, 2000). Continue reading HR Management Essay

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